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Journal Articles / Book Chapters:

Greenslade, R. (forthcoming) The Clinician As Killjoy (Without Killing Joy)

Greenslade, R. (2020) The Other of a Feminist Praxis of Empathy, in Bazzano, M. (Ed) Re-thinking Existential Psychotherapy: Counter-Traditional Perspectives. London: Routledge.

Greenslade, R. (2018) Existential Psychotherapy and the Therapeutics of Activism. European Journal of Psychotherapy & Counselling. Vol: 20.2, pp. 1-15.


Greenslade, R. (2016) Reviving Antiquity: a consideration of askésis and existential psychotherapy. Existential Analysis. 27.1, pp 107-120.

Greenslade, R. (2015) Beyond mindfulness, towards antiquity. Self & Society: Vol. 43, No. 1, pp35-40.

Greenslade, R. (2014) Mindfulness and Therapy: A Skeptical Approach, in Bazzano, M. (Ed) After Mindfulness: New Perspectives on Psychology and Meditation. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Writing in Progress:

Truth-Speaking and Consciousness-Raising: Parrhesia and Feminist Psychotherapy

Askesis as spiritual activist technology(ies)

Feminist Friendship, Therapeutic Resistance


I also publish some shorter writings / works in progress on the Feminist Therapy Network blog. 


Greenslade, R. (2020) Eco-therapy in Practice: A Buddhist Model by Caroline Brazier, Existential Analysis, Vol. 31.1, pp. 206-209.

Greenslade, R. (2018) Zen and Therapy by Manu Bazzano, Existential Analysis, Vol. 29.2, pp. 335-339.

Greenslade, R. (2017) The Death of Desire: an existential study of sanity and madness by M. Guy Thompson,  Self & Society, Vol. 45:3-4, pp. 379-382.

Greenslade, R. (2016) The Legacy of R.D. Laing: an appraisal of his contemporary relevance, edited by M. Guy Thompson,  Self & Society, Vol. 44:1, pp. 73-75.

Greenslade, R. (2012) In Treatment. Self & Society: Vol. 40: No. 1, pp68-9. 


Greenslade, R. (2023) Protest and Praxis: withdrawing from the SEA Conference. Hermeneutic Circular, April, pp: 14-16.

Greenslade, R. (2017) Nowhere But Here: reflections upon a month of silence. Hermeneutic Circular: April, pp9-11


Greenslade, R. (2016) A Path to Precepts

Greenslade, R. (2015) Fiction and Me. Hermeneutic Circular: April, pp25-26. 



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