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My psychotherapeutic approach is informed by my formative training in existential psychotherapy and my ongoing Zen Buddhist practice; both see life as inherently relational and dynamic. Both recognise impermanence, change, uncertainty, suffering and anxiety to be an inevitable part of our every day lives. The challenge of life is to confront and find meaning within these existential givens, as opposed to avoiding or denying them. Psychotherapy provides a unique opportunity to do this. I invite clients to pay close attention to their experiences; we work collaboratively in clarifying and reflecting upon their situations in order to gain deeper insight and awareness into how they might choose to live with greater meaning and connection to themselves, to others and to the environment.


In an age where the prevalent therapeutic focus lies within a medical model of symptoms, diagnostic categories and panacea, I consider existential psychotherapy to offer a valuable therapeutic alternative - one which does not pathologise difficult experiences or impose normative assumptions of what good ‘mental health’ should look like, but instead tries to understand the messages these experiences might be conveying. We work together patiently, sometimes repetitiously, in bringing painful, stuck patterns of behaviour into awareness. This practice of therapeutic inquiry can take time, commitment and is inevitably challenging. We include not only examining individual experiences, but situating these within the familial and social structures we are a part of, broadening our inquiry to include an understanding how social, cultural and political contexts may also be contributing to how particular narratives we might hold about ourselves and about others may have become normalized or sedimented. We may explore the impact of oppressive experiences. Psychotherapy is an opportunity to reflect upon the factors that construct our subjectivity and lead us to inhabit our lives in particular ways, enabling a (re)assessment of how these factors might both restrict and free us. It is through this ongoing practice of reflexivity that we can re-animate growth and cultivate a deeper connection to this practice life.

My practice is LGBTQIA+ affirmative. I am an active member of a Trans and Trans-Allied Network for existential psychotherapists that has formed in response to concerns about increasing trans-antagonisim and legitimising of gender critical perspectives within the therapeutic professions. All bodies and gender expressions are welcomed and respected. 

I work with individuals and couples / throuples. As well as working in person and online, I also work with clients in outdoor spaces, including the natural world within the therapeutic relationship.  






I am accredited with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and adhere to their ethical codes of practice.

Please note my practice is currently full and I will not be available to new enquiries until autumn 2023.









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